man buys everything elderly dog touches

The story begins as so many do.

An abandoned 12-year-old dog was wandering aimlessly along the streets.

He was hit by a car and was transferred to a shelter.

Medical attention was provided and one of his front legs had to be amputated.

Marley’s Mutts, an animal rescue group, began searching for a home.

The dog was named King and the task was a big one.

man buys everything elderly dog touches

An elderly dog with a missing leg is not what most animal shoppers are looking for.

Months passed without anyone giving King a second look.

Rocky Kanaka, TV host of Dog’s Day Out, wanted to help.

If any dog needed a day out, it was King.

The day started with a shopping spree to a pet store.

Rocky had decided that King needed to pick out his own gifts.

With no limit on spending, everything that King touched was distributed into the shopping cart.

King seemed confused at first.

After all, he probably had never had a toy and he did not understand the concept.

man buys everything elderly dog touches

He passed them up and went to the food aisle. King understood dog food and treats.

Circling back around to the toy area, King soon discovered that great fun could be had with a toy dinosaur.

Now he was on a roll.

With the cart full of treats and toys, King’s tail was happily wagging.

But that’s not the end of the story.

The video was released and a woman that was watching was touched by King and his life.

Shortly after, adoption papers were signed and King got to meet his new mom.

King could not have been happier.

Not all dogs are lucky enough to find happiness in their later years.

With the help of Marley’s Mutts, Rocky and a loving viewer of this video, the story has a happy ending.

Watch the video for yourself and if your heart is touched, share it with your friends.

It is never too late to bring happiness to another.