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Man Builds Trap In His Backyard And Catches Thousands Of Horseflies

Horseflies are large flying insects.

The female horsefly will bite humans and animals to get blood, according to Wikipedia.

They can transfer blood borne diseases.

Horseflies also go by the name “breeze-flies in North America and “March-flies” in Australia.

Horseflies like to fly in the sunlight and will avoid shady areas. The are not active at night.

A man in Salem, Indiana named Dan Owsley decided to do something about the population of horseflies.

He built his very own trap!

horsefly trap

Image Credit: Dan Owlsey / Facebook

The trap works so well that other people have built their own!

The legs support a basin that is lined with a black trash bag.

The basin is filled with soapy water.

Over the basin, Owsley put two sheets of plexiglass at 45-degree angles.

horsefly trap

Image Credit: Dan Owlsey / Facebook

When the horseflies see the black bag, they think it is something to bite – they come over to investigate.

When they hit the plexiglass, they fall into the soapy water and drown.

If the trap isn’t cleaned out every day, the horseflies won’t come close (they will be able to smell the death in the water.

horsefly trap

Image Credit: Dan Owlsey / Facebook

For the trap to work, the plexiglass has to be clean otherwise, the horseflies will see it.

horsefly trap

Image Credit: Dan Owlsey / Facebook

Check out this video that a man in Tennessee shared.

It shows how well the horsefly trap works!

As you can see, it has been viewed over 7 million times!

Thanks to this clever invention, we are about to have a lovely, horsefly free summer! Thank you, Dan Owsley!

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