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This Man Takes His Old Blanket To An Antique Show — And Ends Up Leaving In Tears

When you think of antiques, what comes to mind? I think of old cars and furniture. PBS has a show called Antiques Roadshow where people bring items for appraisal. The gentleman in the striped shirt brought this blanket to the show. He admitted that he didn’t really know much about the blanket at all.

He was floored when he found out that the blanket was a Navajo-Ute First Phase Chief’s Blanket. The man who gave the appraisal Donald Ellis (after he calmed down and caught his breath) said the blanket was in unbelievably good condition since it was over 150 years old!

What until you hear how much the blanket is worth! It brought the man to tears! I would be in tears too!

I wonder if I have any old blankets lying around the house that could be worth some money!

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