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Man Attempts To Kick Stray Dog At Beach And Gets Dose Of Instant Karma

Some people are just jerks.

We get to see the videos these jerks make, and some of them just make you angry.

How do people end up being so cruel and worthless?

Sometimes, you wish you could enact some form of revenge on the mean people.

But, that would mean stooping to their level.

Karma has a way of taking care of some mean people.

Take the jerk in this video, he runs down the beach and tries to kick a dog.

Thankfully, the dog jumps out of the way just in time.

The next thing you know, a pack of dogs comes charging after the man!

He runs away and ends up head first in the shallow water!

The dogs all stop and turn to face him!

Take a look at this video

I hope he had a hard time getting out of there!

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