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Man Assaults Caretaker At The Elephant Sanctuary. Now Watch As An Elephant Comes To The Rescue

Elephants are known to be gentle giants despite their size. They are able to form close bonds with humans and live together in harmony. Elephants are especially common in places like Thailand, where caretakers are the elephant’s closest friend. One incident in a Thai elephant park is proof of their strong bond.

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, a 17 year old elephant named Throngrsi is put to the test. Her caretaker and his friend decided to act out a scenario to see her reaction. Her caretaker pretended to fall onto the ground, prompting Throngrsi to spring into action. She rushed towards the two men and tried to scare off the caretaker’s friend. After doing so, she circled her caretaker to ensure that he was alright. What a great friend indeed!

Check out this video:

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