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This Man Was Arrested After Someone Caught Him Doing This To An Innocent Puppy

This story is about a case of animal abuse – involving an innocent puppy. The brutal act caused the puppy to require extensive surgical procedures for it to recover. In the town of Granby, along Terry Lane, 63-year old John Fatcheric was arrested for throwing a yellow Labrador puppy to the ground – he had also strangled it.

A witness saw John throwing the puppy, and called the cops on him. The poor puppy suffered a broken femur, which required a surgical pin to hold in place – and its neck reflected signs of human strangulation. With a charge of committing aggravated cruelty to animals, John’s next court date is scheduled on June 13th.

Take a look at this cruel person:

Image Credit: Examiner

John should deserve more than just a prison term and a fine for what he did.

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