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Man About To Be Baptised Can’t Contain Himself So He Accidentally Dragged His Pastor’s Underwear

I don’t remember my baptism, I was an infant at the time. The pictures showed my family and friends gathered around as the priest poured some water from a cup over my forehead. Even that small amount of water on my head made me cry – maybe the water was cold or something.

Some baptisms involve people submerging themselves (with the help of a pastor) into a pool of water. It is a symbolic moment that signifies all the sins of the person being washed away. The man in this video is about to be baptized. You can tell he is nervous and excited all at the same time! With the pastor and another man helping, he is dipped back into the water.

Take a look at this video!

All goes well, and he comes right back out – and then in his excitement, the pastor gets pushed under! Happily, someone was there to pull the shocked pastor out of the water!

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