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Mama Pig And Her Little Ones Feel The Grass For The First Time After Being Rescued From Slaughter (Video)

Freedom! We here in the United States take that for granted sometimes, we don’t appreciate the freedom we have.

The mother pig and her six piglets in the video below have just been saved from slaughter.

And are oh so happy about it!

The group responsible for their rescue is Viva! and Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary.

They are just as happy as the pigs about the whole thing!

Hope Apple Blossom and her babies have never been outside in their entire lives.

Wait until you see how they react to the sunshine and green grass!

Take a look at this video

Rest assured that the piglets will live out their lives in the beautiful Welsh countryside without fear of slaughter!

If you have never seen piglets run around enjoying life you were definitely in for a treat!

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