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Mama Duck Walks Towards Bridge And Jumps Off… Then Ducklings Make A Leap Of Faith

Diving into the pool can be a scary thing. The deep end of the pool is not for the faint of heart! Now, imagine that you are a little duckling waddling along behind your mom. Then all of a sudden mom jumps into a pond. She didn’t just walk – she jumped off a deck into the pond. Being a young waterfowl, you may not realize that swimming comes naturally.

So, here you are at the end of the line of ducklings and one by one your siblings take the plunge! Are you nervous? You shouldn’t be – you’ve got this! Your siblings have made it and so can you! Splash! You made it! Now watch the cuteness unfold in the video below!

Take a look at this video

I feel so proud of all of those babies for bravely jumping into that water!

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