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Mama Cat Who Survived Horrific Fate Fights For Life To Save Her Only Kitten

This is Sweetie. One look at her face will tell you she isn’t feeling well. Rescue workers noticed the cat living in a feral colony. She was clearly in bad shape. It took them about a week to catch her. She was scared and couldn’t eat or drink with her broken jaw.

Rescuers finally caught her and took Sweetie to the Save Cats & Obliterate OverPopulation, Inc (SCOOP, Inc.) in March of 2016.

SCOOP Inc. is a non-profit animal welfare group located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sweetie’s jaw was unattached from the palette and just hanging. Barb Wehmann, the executive director of SCOOP, Inc., said the vet reconstructed her mouth.

They determined that Sweetie’s injuries were consistent with a blow to the face. Someone hit or kicked the 10-year-old black and white cat. Throughout her recovery, Sweetie had a good appetite and steadily improved. One month after her surgery, Sweetie gave birth (much to the surprise of everyone at SCOOP, Inc.) to one two-ounce kitten.

Sweetie had shown no signs of being pregnant.

Everyone was amazed that Sweetie was able to give birth after all the things she had been through.