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Malnourished And Hopelessly Trapped, Captive Bears Beg For Food From Visitors In A Zoo

In the local Bandung zoo located on the island of Java, Indonesia, animal lovers across the globe have directed their fury towards the tourist attraction. A video footage showing skeletal sun bears begging for food from zoo visitors had made its rounds online, sparking a petition to pressurize the mayor of Bandung, Mr Ridwan Kamil, in closing the zoo for good.

Visitors at the zoo were filmed throwing human junk food to the starving bears standing on their hind legs by wildlife trade monitoring and animal conservation group Scorpion. The bears were enclosed in an small cement pen with no access to proper shelter, food or water.

Click to watch the heartbreaking scene below:

The rest of the zoo animals located in Bandung zoo were also scarily thin and not properly cared for. As of 23 January 2017, the zoo remains operational despite the uproar.

Zoo staff and their owners should respect animal culture – by leaving species in the wild where they originally belonged.

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