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Kitten Notices Her Filling Tub With Water. Moments Later She Can’t Believe Her Eyes

Some cats like to sit and bathe in water. You will see tigers in the wild enjoying a soak in the river. But, not all cats find a bath very enjoyable at all. Once and awhile it is necessary to bathe your cat – you will soon learn if they like the water or not! We had a cat once who would cling desperately to the tile soap holder and yowl while being bathed.

She didn’t like the bath, but seem to scared to try and run out! We only bathed her when necessary, though. The Maine Coon kitten in this video has no issues at all with water. His owner wasn’t quite sure what his reaction would be, so she had her camera ready.

Take a look at this video!

After taking a few quick licks of the water, he begins to play. A few more licks and the real fun begins! Share away, people!