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Mailman Waits Outside Of The House—Now Watch As The Dog Comes Running

We all have a mailbox at our house. Every day (except holidays and Sundays) the mail person will drive up to your mailbox take out any letters you have in the box and deliver the mail. The mailman that visits the house in the video doesn’t do that when he comes. Each day, the mailman pulls up to the house and waits.

He is waiting for the family dog! The dog, Nemo, is going to come out and get the mail! Once the mail has made it inside the house the proud and happy dog runs back out to the mail truck to get his treat! See, so it isn’t true that all dogs bite the mailman!

Take a look at this video!

Although this mailman was a little concerned about his fingers when Nemo came for his treat! I wonder how this daily routine got started. Good boy, Nemo! Share away, people!