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This is just sickening. The College of Veterinarians of Ontario suspended a veterinarian, Mahavir Singh Rekhi after video surfaced of him hitting and choking pets in his care.

There wasn’t just one video either. One video showed Rekhi hitting a dog in the face, the dog was under anesthetic at the time.

vet punching animals
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Rekhi pleaded guilty – and with all the video evidence, how could he not?

He was fined and suspended.

In a cruel twist of what can only be stupidity – Rekhi got his job at Skyway Animal Hospital back after his suspension was over!

Local residents are justifiably irate. Protesters showed up and were unwilling to let this happen without a fight.

Rekhi needs to find another line of work, he is clearly not cut out to be an animal doctor.

Take a look at this video

Spread the word, maybe if enough people join the fight, he will have his license revoked.

For the sake of the animals.