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Magpie Flies Inside The House And Laughs Just Like A Human Child

Do you find it creepy when animals imitate human sounds? I do – just a little. There are birds that can talk and sing, and that is okay. Sometimes it is cute to hear a bird sing along to songs or talk along with a commercial on television. The Magpie in this video just sounds a little ‘too’ human for me.

The Magpie was found as a fledgling and raised by the kind woman who took shot and shared this video. The bird actually comes to her when she calls! She talks to him and strokes his feathers. You can tell he is comfortable with her – and then he laughs. He laughs just like a child would!

Take a look at this video

Wow. It almost doesn’t sound real! How did he learn to laugh like that? This is impressive and a little creepy isn’t it? Don’t forget to share so your friends can be impressed too!