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Simon Is Left Speechless When Magician Pulls Out Floating Orbs From Wooden Box

If you can impress Simon Cowell, you are probably as good as you think you are! Josephine Lee impressed Simon Cowell on an episode of Britain’s Got Talent. Josephine has been working as a magician’s assistant for the past 10 years, according to The Sun – and it appears that she picked up a few things along the way!

The audition started with a large wooden box on stage, and Josephine reached inside and pulled out a large object wrapped in a silver cloth. Then, with just her mind she was able to manipulate a white orb! In and out of hoops it went! The show stopper was when Josephine herself went into the box and poof – she was gone! Or was she?! Watch and find out! It will leave you wondering how she pulled it off!

Take a look!

Simon tried to adjust his glasses, he wondered what was wrong with his eyes! I can imagine 🙂

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