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The Internet Is Loving Macklemore’s Gift To His Grandma On Her 100th Birthday

Turning 100 is a big deal so when rapper Macklemore’s grandmother reached the century mark, he made sure she celebrated it in style! Macklemore spent the whole day with his grandmother, and it was all captured on film. The internet is buzzing after watching the two have a grand old time with each other.

You too can join in the fun as Macklemore and Helen spend the day together. The video is for Macklemore’s song “Glorious” and opens with the rapper telling his sweet grandmother they are spending the day together doing whatever she wants!

Take a look at this video!

Who would have guessed that the first thing the did was egg houses?! Then they head off to the shoe store and then karaoke and finally she is treated to a surprise party back at her house! Happy Birthday, Helen!

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