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Meet The Woman Who Spends More Than $1.6 Million Per Year Taking Care Of Her 1,000 Cats

Crazy cat lady or cat crazy? The woman featured in the video below is Lynea Lattanzio, 68, and she is taking care of over 1,000 cats!

Lattanzio claims to have care for more than 28,000 cats over her life! Can you imagine?

Lattanzio says what she loves most about cats is their beauty, independence, and grace.

She started to care for (adopt and rehome) cats in the early 1990s.

Her mission to help felines grew after becoming a registered veterinary technician.

Currently, Lattanzio lives in a trailer that sits on her six-acre land in California.

She calls it Cat House on the Kings – and it is the largest no-kill, no-cage sanctuary for abandoned and feral cats in California.

Take a look at this video

Barcroft TV brought us this sneak peek into the life of the “ultimate crazy cat lady.”

I’m sure you were impressed and touched by what Lattanzio is doing for her cats.

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