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Lunch Lady Was Tapped On Shoulder At Lunch – Turns And Sees What The Students Did

Lunch ladies get a bad rap in a lot of movies and tv shows. They’re portrayed as grumpy, unattractive, and often uncaring. But the reality is far from that, and there is no school that knows this better than the Bishop Manogue Catholic High School.

Lunch Lady Lynn has been serving food at the school’s cafeteria for years. Students have always known her for her kindness and for the way she cheers up those who are down, almost akin to a hero without a cape.

She’s even a friend to many of the students, and lots of them go to hang out with her after lunch, and she makes their days!

Image Credit: YouTube

The Dude Be Nice project, a gratitude movement in California, was asked to put together a big gift for the incredible lunch lady. They were determined to create a really special day for her and give back to her for all she’d done. They set up posters around the school and started preparing, and Lynn had no idea all the fuss was for her!

Image Credit: YouTube

Finally, the students revealed the surprise to Lynn, and she was immediately in tears! They served her a delicious Memphis style BBQ, her favorite from her hometown in Tennessee. And on top of all of that, the Dude Be Nice project even sponsored the gift all students wanted to give to her – a Southwest airline gift card so she could fly home to see her sick mother, which is something she couldn’t do often due to the prices of air tickets.

It’s so lovely to see an act of pure love and gratitude performed by teenagers towards someone who has made their days so much better. You might find yourself crying along with Lynn!