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Lunch Lady Was Summoned For An Emergency Shift, Gets Ambushed By Stranger Who’s Been Eyeing Her

Cheryl Stewart is a woman who works when she’s needed.

She doesn’t mind going in to work on her days off, and when she’s called in for an emergency because someone else calls out, she doesn’t hesitate to work.

Cheryl works as a lunch lady, and she also has a job cleaning a building owned by the U.S. Forest Service.

She also cleans a church building.

When she learns of a death, she bakes bread for the families in Teton Valley.

Somehow, Cheryl seems to be able to spend as much time as she can with many of the students at the high school where she works.

Although she has a few different jobs, her efforts are often seen the most while she’s working at the high school in the cafeteria.

She tries to encourage the students who go through her line.

She wants everyone to know that someone cares about them.

When her boss called her to work an emergency shift, Cheryl didn’t hesitate to go to work at the school that day.

She never thought that her life was about to change soon after she would arrive at the school.

There were a few people she recognized who walked with her through the doors of the school.

Cheryl thought that this was a bit odd, but she didn’t expect anything to result from them walking with her.

For a brief moment, Cheryl thought that she might be in trouble, but she knew that she hadn’t done anything wrong.

As Cheryl entered the cafeteria, she was moved to tears because of the surprise that she saw.

She was facing a miracle.

However, it was just one of the numerous surprises that she would be blessed with that day.

Aside from working long hours, Cheryl also has to take care of her personal health as she has cancer.

She’s the only one who works in her family, so she works long hours to make sure there’s food on the table and that the bills are paid along with getting her medical treatments covered.

A Secret Santa heard about Cheryl and wanted to give her a few gifts including several gift cards for her family as well as a key to a new vehicle.