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Loyal Dog Hears Someone On The Door. When The Door Opens He Can’t Contain Himself!

There is nothing more heartwarming than a happy homecoming. We have seen a lot of happy homecomings in the past several years as soldiers return from a tour overseas. Most of the reunions are between the soldier and his or her human family. Every now and again we get to see a dog be reunited with their owner who served. Those reunions are the best ones!

Many people don’t think of pets as more than just ‘animals’ – but those of us who have pets know that they are more than animals, they are family. The video below proves that dogs can be just as happy to see a loved one as humans.

Take a look at this video

The dog in this video is named Oshie, and his mom has just come home after having served in Norway. Oshie got the surprise of a lifetime! Share away, people!