Anyone who knows anything about animals is familiar with the concept of man’s best friend.


Dogs have always been considered to be one of the most loyal animals, staying nearby wherever their owner is. But what about cats?

When compared to dogs, felines are often considered manipulative, self-serving and sometimes even evil.

If you were asked to picture a cat, you might imagine a cat pushing over your vase full of flowers.

But what if I were to tell you about a cat who could change that thought?

One video shows a cat named Trooper and her beloved 96-year old owner, Sarah Whaley while fighting the last leg of life.


This black and white cat was found at the age of two weeks, where he quickly became loved by the whole family. But Trooper got closer to grandma Whaley out of everyone.

She showed this by bringing Whaley gifts while being bed-ridden.

When Whaley would become disoriented or have a panic attack, Trooper would run to her, no matter what she was doing at the time.

There she would stay by Whaley’s side until the episode subsided in an attempt to comfort her.

Unfortunately, Whaley eventually passed away, leaving Trooper a depressed cat.


She stopped eating and was found roaming the house with a chorus of meows wherever she went. This was unusual as Trooper was never the vocal animal.

It took a while, but she finally began to feel better, the family loving on her in the time of mourning.

Just as she would always do, Trooper started to leave gifts for her deceased owner.

Upon entering the abandoned room, they found socks, toys and other presents on the floor where Trooper would often visit.

When you hear someone talk poorly about a cat, perhaps you’ll pass on the legacy of Trooper and her love for her owner.


Dogs aren’t the only loyal companion. To one individual in particular, Trooper was women’s best friend.