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Loving Dog Notices Mother Cat Having A Difficult Time Giving Birth, So She Steps In To Help

Giving birth is an amazing thing. But it is not easy. Labor is excruciating, and it may last for hours (and hours). In the wild, animals give birth on their own. Many cat or dog owners who have been with their pets while giving birth know that there isn’t much that they have to do. The momma dog or cat knows what she has to do.

In this video, a cat is giving birth. Her helper is a dog. Whether the cat needed help or not – the dog is there! The dog is very gentle and loving with the newborns. The lab licks each and every kitten as if she was welcoming them into the world!

Take a look at this video!

I am amazed that the mother cat is so willing to let the dog get so close to her new kittens. The dog and cat have an amazing relationship! I bet the Lab will help raise those kittens too! Share away, people!