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Lost Senior Dog Transported To Animal Shelter Get’s Euthanized Within 2 Hours Of Arrival

Two hours after being found, this handsome fellow was put to sleep – and it is a tragic story that has no good explanation at all. His name was Capone, and he had been missing from his family’s home in Genesee County, Michigan. A Good Samaritan found the senior dog and took him to Genesee County Animal Control (what else were they to do?). Instead of trying to reach out and find Capone’s family, the shelter euthanized him.

The family was understandably devastated to hear the news. Capone was wearing an orange harness, so it should have been obvious to someone that he had a family. The shelter violated its own mandatory stray hold and ended Capone’s life without a thought. I feel like someone should lose their job over this situation.

Take a look at this Capone

Capone didn’t have to die if the shelter just followed its own rules. Poor Capone. Rest in Peace.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]