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Lost Dog Searching For Owner Finds His Way Inside The Emergency Room

People know that if you need medical help, you go to the hospital.

The caring people who work there will help you feel better.

Buddy, the dog, wasn’t sick when he wandered into the United Memorial Medical Center, but he was lost.

dog ran away

Image Credit: Jeff Kramer / Flickr

Buddy had escaped from his yard and couldn’t find his way back home.

So, he walked into the hospital ER! Buddy did have an ‘emergency’ – just not a medical one!

He didn’t have a tag or a collar, so the police came and picked him up.

Happily, Buddy’s owners were reunited with their dog!

According to Cindy Hall, Buddy’s mom, Buddy now has a collar and a name tag.

They have also reinforced the fence, so Buddy can’t slip out again! What a smart dog!

You have to wonder how Buddy knew the hospital was an okay place to just walk into!

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