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Family Find Missing Dog’s Body And Realize He Was Brutally Beaten Up And Drowned

The last thing the family of a missing pet wants to do is find that their pet was tortured and killed. We all want our pets to be found and to have a happy homecoming. But one family in Randolph County, North Carolina has been through it. Their husky, Toby, went missing and was gone for over a week. The family tried hard to find Toby.

They posted signs and reached out to social media. They didn’t have any luck. Sadly, Toby was found dead in a pond. To make matters worse, Toby’s face had been bashed in. Toby was only one-year-old. Who would do this to a dog? Shannon, Toby’s owner, says she is now afraid to keep living in that neighborhood.

Take a look at this video

If there are people willing to do that to a puppy, I would be afraid to live there too. Rest in peace, Toby. Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]