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It Still Fits! Woman Finds Long-Lost Diamond Ring On Carrot In Her Garden

When Mary Grams discovered that she somehow lost her diamond engagement ring while doing gardening work 15 years ago, she didn’t have the heart to tell her husband Norman, who had first placed the ring on her finger in 1951.

She simply replaced it and he was never the wiser.

But the original ring has been recovered in the most unusual way when Mary’s daughter-in-law recently began digging up fresh carrots in that same garden to enjoy for dinner.

As she began pulling carrots out of the ground, she was amazed to discover that the lost diamond ring was encircling one of the carrots.

She immediately showed the ring-enrobed carrot first to her husband and eventually to Mary, who recognized it as the engagement ring she thought was gone for good.

Mary is now 84 and a resident of Camrose, Alberta.

The farm where her daughter-in-law discovered the long-missing piece of jewelry is the same one her family first purchased 105 years ago in Armena.

The daughter-in-law assumed that the ring on the carrot she had harvested either belonged to her grandmother or her mother-in-law, the two women who spent the most time in the garden.

She first showed it to her husband, who confirmed that he recognized the ring as the one his mother always wore.

He went on to admit that she had lost the ring years ago while gardening and never expected to find it again.

Both son and daughter-in-law were surprised to find that a carrot had grown through the ring’s center, fitting as snugly as if it were a finger.

Although Mary’s husband passed away in 2014, she was eager to put the ring back on her finger to discover that it still fit.

Her story brings encouragement to anyone who has lost a treasure to never give up hope that it may turn up again one day.