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Check Your Loose Change Right Now. If You Have This Rare Coin, You’ll Receive $30,000!

Do you have a hobby? Do you collect things as your hobby? I used to have a rock collection when I was a kid. Today, I only manage to collect dust around the house! I don’t have that much time to actually collect things with any meaning. Could you use an extra $30,000? Well, there is a chance you have a quarter that could fetch that amount for you!

rare quarter

Image Credit: very great review / Twitter

Numismatics is defined as the collection or study of currency (coins, greenbacks and the like). People who collect or study currency are called numismatists. Money that has a very high value is usually quite rare. Also, you have to have a coin or currency that is very old to bring in more than its face value. The 1926 nickel you saw above is worth over $2,000 – but the Buffalo nickels are very rare.

rare quarter

Image Credit: N/A

This is the golden ticket that could earn you about $35,000 on Ebay. The quarter from the 1970s was printed on top of a 1941 quarter from Canada (a minting error). Look above the word dollar – you can make out the small 1941. So, empty your pockets and check under the couch cushions! There is another coin to search out – but again it is rare.

rare quarter

Image Credit: big great deal / Twitter

This is a dime from 1916. It is a mercury dime and could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to the owner. Watch the video below to learn more about collecting coins and about that quarter!

I am going to go raid my son’s piggy bank! Share away, people!