Image Credit: Viktor Larkhill

Animal rescues often respond to reports of mistreated or neglected animals, but you can never truly get used to seeing innocent animals in pain or being harmed.

For the Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue, this case was a particularly horrifying one.

It was the 21st of September when staff arrived at the basement where this dog was stored.

sick dog in dungeon
Image Credit: Viktor Larkhill

He was weak and in pain and shivering for fright at the sight of the people pouring into his home.

He was lying on a dirty pillow, fur covered in mud and dirt and missing in several places.

The basement where he lived stank of a rank acid that brought a burning sensation with it, and there were carcasses and droppings of small animals on the floor.

sick dog in dungeon
Image Credit: Viktor Larkhill

The dog, later named Toby, was brought back to get checked by a vet.

He had a blood infection, ehrlichia, and leishmaniasis, and his bones had been broken in the past and poorly allowed to set on their own.

His leg joints were swollen and damaged and he was unable to walk.

Four months later, Toby has improved a lot and looks much healthier, even overcoming some of his nervousness.

But his legs are damaged and he cannot walk.

The only solution is a titanium plate surgically implanted along his leg, but in order to fund this surgery, he needs donations and help.

You can donate to Toby’s cause and medical expenses here.

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