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Homeless Man Brushes Off Woman When She Tries To Befriend Him. 2 Weeks Later He Said ‘Yes’

Lolly Gavin is the founder of the Dignity Project. The offer supplies and haircuts to the homeless people living on the streets of Philadelphia. One day, Lolly saw John Lochlan panhandling on the corner. She stopped and asked if he needed a haircut. He said no. Society had forgotten him, and he had no faith in humanity. Weeks passed, and John wasn’t able to accept Lolly’s help.

Lolly had noticed an infection on John’s leg that wasn’t getting any better. That was when she realized that John had given up all hope – he had even given up on life. She knew she had to do something or John would die. Even if he didn’t care – Lolly did. Watch the video, a news segment called “For Goodness’ Sake” to see what happened between John and Lolly.

You may need a tissue…

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