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Local Police Warn People To Stay Away A Purple Fence As Soon As They Can If They Spot One

Ever drive down the road and see fence posts painted different colors? Ever wonder what the colors represented? If you are in Texas and see a fence post painted purple, it is best to stay off that property, or you could get in trouble for trespassing. Texas is just one state that has a purple paint law.

Land and property owners will paint fence posts purple let everyone know not to trespass. So, why paint fence posts? Well, in short, the weather. Storms or even heavy winds will typically knock down the no trespassing signs. Anyone with acres and acres of property is not about to go looking to see if their signs are missing after every storm.

Take a look at this video

Fence posts are more likely to stay put, and that makes them ideal for marking off property. The purple paint law was created back in 1987!

Now you know – spread the word!