Little Girl’s Dad Dies Before She’s Born. Years Later Mom Notices Her Staring At Man In Pizza Shop

Image Credit: Chasing News / YouTube

Mikayla Raji is an eight-year-old girl living with her mom in New Jersey. Mikayla had never met her father, a police officer who killed during his service to the nation before she was even born. One night, Mikayla and her mother went to an Italian restaurant called Villa Borghese II in Helmetta, New Jersey.

Police Officer Joseph Quinn was also there picking up his dinner, and he and Mikayla had a brief conversation. Quinn was shocked when he went to pay for his food, and the owner told him that someone had paid for it, but wanted to remain anonymous. After a little investigating, Quinn found out that Mikayla and her mother had bought his meal.

In the video below, you will meet Mikayla, her mother, and Quinn

Even though Mikayla never met her father, she respects all police officers and knows how to show it!

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