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This Little Girl Sings Amazing Grace And Her Voice Is About To Blow You Away

When Rhema Marvanne’s mother passed away from cancer, the little girl was devastated. At just seven years old, the loss was a difficult one to endure. But Rhame, who had been making a name for herself on YouTube as a gospel singer thanks to her talent and incredibly strong voice, knew there was one way she could cope and heal: through music, and singing.

Image Credit: YouTube

With the help of family, Rhema recorded and performed the song “Amazing Grace” in a beautiful music video. She sang the song as a tribute to her mother, and the video shows her singing in places where she has fond memories with her mom. Each note she sings resonates beautifully, and her voice is full of emotion.

Through the touching lyrics, we also hear the huge talent and large voice that this young child has, and we understand why it made her so famous in the first place.

Rhema is now 12 years old, but this video remains immortalized on the Internet, just as her mother remains immortalized in her heart, watching over her every step of the way. Even now, watching her heartfelt tribute video, especially accompanied by her amazing voice, is sure to make you tear up!