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Celebrity Asks Little Girl To Sing ‘You Raise Me Up’. Within Seconds, Girl Brings Down House

If you’re a fan of the Got Talent series, then you may remember Celine Tam, a tiny nine-year-old singer hailing from Hong Kong, who competed in season 12 of America’s Got Talent and reached the semifinals before being eliminated just short of making the cut for the finals.

Fans were outraged when the pint-sized artist didn’t make it to the finals, and apparently, even some celebrities felt that she rightfully deserved a sport in the finals. One of these individuals is Helene Fischer, one of Germany’s most incredible singers.

On The Helene Fischer Show, she decided to invite Celine to perform a song with her.

Image Credit: YouTube

The two singers performed a beautiful rendition of You Raise Me Up, taking turns to croon and belt melody lines and occasionally joining their voices together in perfect harmony. Despite Helene’s undeniably wonderous talent, Celine has no trouble holding her own, earning standing ovations from the crowd and a few tearful smiles from audience members.

Image Credit: YouTube

As it turns out, it wasn’t that Celine wasn’t good enough for America’s Got Talent – it’s that she was too good for the show at all! She has since toured her country and other countries, showing off her impressive singing voice at numerous high profile events and proving that her loss has only made her stronger. You go, girl! Check out her amazing performance below, but don’t be surprised if you need some tissues after!

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