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Rescuers Tried To Get Close To Stray Dog For Months, Then This 6-Year-Old Girl Tries

We have heard of people who have the uncanny ability to ‘talk’ to and understand animals. We call them ‘whisperers’ and they are usually adults. The dog whisperer in this story is only six years old. Daisy, the dog, had been adopted from the shelter. Two days later she ran away, and no one could catch her. For two and a half months, Daisy was on her own.

A woman named Susan was able to feed Daisy, but not catch her. Then 6-year-old Meghan Topping had an idea. Meghan and her mom had fostered dogs in the past and were the family that had fostered Daisy before she was adopted. Meghan and her mom went to where Daisy was ‘staying’ – a field. Watch the video, at 2:06 the magic happens! There is more good news in the video for Daisy and Meghan!

Take a look at this video

This is the most adorable video I have seen all of today. Thank you for such a wonderful ending! Share away, people!