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Little Girl Calls 911 For Help While Her Stepfather Beats Her Mother

No child should ever have to call 911 to get help like this. Lisa was six-years-old when her stepfather started to beat her mother and siblings. It was November 21, 1990. The sad thing about this story is that Child Protective Services (CPS) had been to Lisa’s house on 23 different occasions. Why were the children allowed to live in such a dangerous place?

Two visits to the same house by CPS should be too many. The heartbreaking video is the recording of the call Lisa had to make to save her family. This 911 call is now being used to educate people about domestic violence. Can you imagine having to be that 911 operator? No one should live in fear of their life.

Take a look at this video

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship – get help. There are people ready to help you right now. Share away, people.