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Little Boy Has Memories Of Past Life, Then Mom Realizes He Might Be Reincarnation Of Lou Gehrig

Reincarnation is just a little too far-fetched for some people. After reading this, you may find yourself wondering. A mom named Cathy has a young son named Christian who showed an interest in baseball at a very young age. When Christian was three, he had the skills of an 8-year-old! The two went to a baseball game at Fenway Park.

When Christian saw a photo of Babe Ruth said he didn’t like him and that Ruth had been mean to him! Later he pointed to a picture of Lou Gehrig and said: “That’s me!” Understandably, Cathy was shocked and a little concerned. Christian continued to make some startling statements, and there was the occasional odd occurrence. Cathy finally did some research into reincarnation.

Watch the video below to see what happened when Cathy took Christian to visit Lou Gehrig’s grave!

Wow! I am speechless, honestly because I can’t even remember what I ate last week!

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