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Lion Was Bored. Zookeeper Threw Him A Toy, But Was Caught Off Guard By Lion’s Reaction (Video)

This handsome lion is named Triton, and he lives at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa. According to Agnes Maluleke, the zookeeper in charge of the carnivores, Triton’s favorite toy is his soccer ball! When Maluleke tosses the ball into Triton’s enclosure, the 11-year-old lion shows off his skills!

This just goes to show you that a cat is a cat – and they all like to play with toys! Most of the play behavior lion’s exhibit includes behavior they would use when fighting or stalking. Lion cubs can learn a lot about social structure through play, and it helps them form strong social bonds with other lions. So, prepare yourself to be amazed!

Take a look at this video!

Triton could keep up with the best of the best with his amazing footwork! I would not want to be the defender that has to defend the goal against him!

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