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Unusual Bond Between Dachshund and Lion Is Something You’ll Probably Never See Again

This is the story about a lion and a dog. The lion, Bonedigger, was five years old in 2013. His BFF is Abby, the Dachshund. The two have an unusual friendship. Abby helps Bonedigger clean his teeth. Yes, you read that correctly – the dog cleans the lion’s teeth! Bonedigger has a metabolic bone disease and is slightly crippled. Abby and a few other Dachshunds are his companions at G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

The dogs seem to get along quite well with the much bigger lion. As you will learn in the video, Bonedigger is very particular about who he lets get close to him. The man in the video, Mr. Reinke, lost both of his legs in a bungee jumping accident, he has a unique bond with Bonedigger too. Watch the video to see a lion play with four tiny Dachshunds!

Take a look at this video

This is unbelievable, isn’t it?! I’ve never seen such unusual friendship ever before. This just proves that sometimes animals are more compassionate that humans. Share away, people.