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A Police Dog Was Shot In The Head While Chasing A Suspect — Now His Partner Sees Him Again

Around the world, police and military forces are using dogs as soldiers. Dogs can be trained to sniff out weapons, drugs, victims, and suspects. Dogs are dedicated and hardworking. They are often seen as members of the team and are often treated as heroes if they should perish in the line of duty.

We have seen some military funerals for war dogs with the coffins draped with an American flag. Bruno, a seven-year-old police dog, was shot while on duty – in the face and also had a bullet in his lung. Bruno was rushed to the vet and got life-saving surgery. In the video, you will get to meet this hero dog and his partner.

Take a look at this video

Once Bruno is released, Officer Young has plans to adopt him! Feel better soon, Bruno! Share away, people.