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Boy Suffers Burns On Feet From Light Up Sneakers

Light-up sneakers have become increasingly popular all over the world.

While they’re not exactly a very new trend, they’re still considered pretty cool, and they look fantastic when worn.

I mean, what’s more awesome than wearing something that literally lights up as you walk?

Of course, parents are happy to gift their kids with these neat shoes if they’ve wanted them for a while, especially as presents or if they’ve been doing well in school.

But this mother took to Facebook to explain that these shoes could cause serious injury if proper caution is not taken with them.

Sherry Foster’s son Peyton came home from school one day complaining of pain.

He had been wearing his Skechers S-Light sneakers, which he loved, and had just come home after school, where it had been water day.

When Sherry took his shoes off, she was shocked to see severe damage to his feet.

As it turned out, the water that had accosted the light-up sneakers during Peyton’s school’s water day had caused a malfunction.

The shoes then began to leak a dangerous and harmful chemical fluid into the shoe, resulting in bad chemical burns for the young boy.

He hadn’t wanted to go to a teacher when he started feeling the pain, but he told his mother once he’d gotten home.

Peyton was in so much pain that moving was difficult, and soon he wasn’t able to run, go swimming, or even walk.

Anything he did led to further pain and irritation.

His family had no choice but the carry him around, and there wasn’t much that could be done aside from waiting for the injuries to heal.

The trauma from this is so bad for Peyton that he’s developed a bad fear of wearing shoes at all.

The idea that light-up shoes could be dangerous when exposed to certain weather conditions or even just water isn’t one that most consumers have considered.

Sherry couldn’t find any warnings against these types of footwear that would have led her to be more careful or make her son her aware that he should keep them away from water.

Skechers contacted Sherry to offer her a free replacement for the sneakers, and the company also put out a statement saying that all their products have been safety tested prior to being sold.

They added that millions of their light-up footwear have been sold all around the world and that no other reports or complaints have ever been made about them in this respect.

Sherry, however, is considering taking legal action against the company due to the damage.

While this may be an isolated case, Skechers is conducting further investigations into the incident to see what can be done.

Meanwhile, parents and those who own light-up sneakers are advised to keep them out of the water and not to wear them in rainy weather.

They might look cool, but keeping your feet safe is more of a priority!

There doesn’t seem to be any reason to completely stop wearing these shoes altogether right now, but it is advised that you and your children take caution when wearing them.

If you or your kids happen to feel pain while wearing light-up footwear, remove them immediately and speak to a doctor.

It’s important to be aware of the danger involved with wearing these sneakers so we can avoid them and keep ourselves, and our families, safe.