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DMV Revoking Man’s License Plate After Finding ‘Hidden’ Message

Did you know that the first license plate was issued to George F. Chamberlain by the State of New York in 1901?

Most of us don’t think too much about our license plates, sure we renew the tag each year, but it really doesn’t matter to me what letters or numbers are on the plate.

Do you have vanity license plate?

The DMV won’t allow certain words to be put on license plates for good reason.

Slang and offensive language are not allowed to appear on personalized plates.

One California driver found a way around that. By using letters and numbers, he managed to get a word on his license plate that is profane.

But, unless you view it in your rearview mirror, you probably wouldn’t recognize it!

Take a look at this license plate!

license plate

Image Credit: N/A

Now that these images are floating around the internet, I wonder if the driver will have to take it off his car!

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