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Frog Ran Over By Woman’s Lawnmower Was Flown Hundreds Of Miles For Urgent Medical Care

Frog Safe, a rescue organization located in Edmonton, Queensland, Australia. The organization helps threatened species of amphibians that face extinction and decline rates. In this story, they assisted a rare Green Tree frog who was ran over a yard lawnmower by a woman named Min Tims on Mount Isa, Queensland.

Min had cleaved the top of the frog off, and quickly arranged for a series of transportation for the animal to be rushed to emergency medical care. A flight was arranged via Rex Airways, coordination and packaging work was done by a company named Dogtainers, and a private courier delivered the frog which landed in Cairns to Frog Safe.

The frog’s wound was severely infected and suffered from a series of Necrotic injuries ranging from his shoulder bones to its skin tissues.

Image Credit: Pergolotti / Frog Safe, Inc.

Veterinarians were in a race against time to save the frog.

Image Credit: Pergolotti / Frog Safe, Inc.