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You’re Not Going To Believe The Sound That Comes Out Of This Rooster!

Picture this. It is just about dawn. The sun is slowly creeping up over the horizon. The fields are starting to glisten as the sun hits the morning dew. The big red barn starts to become more than just a dark shape in the background. Then, the familiar sound of the rooster is heard Cockle Doodle Doo! It is time to start the day!

Prepare yourself for this video, the rooster starts off the Cockle Doodle Doo just fine, but then something happens! The rooster then starts to laugh? Ok, the sun isn’t peeking up over the horizon, maybe that is the problem. The rooster is playing some sort of practical joke on the people and can’t contain his laughter?

Take a look at this video

Maybe the rooster just hangs out around too many laughing people! He certainly has the combo laughing and cockle doodling down pat! Share away, people!