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91-Year-Old Granny Talks About X-Rated Sex Life With 31-Year-Old Toyboy

Kinks and fetishes are a normal part of sexuality.

While they may be weird to others, as long as they are practised in a way that is safe, sane, and consensual, it’s all fine and good.

To each their own!

After all, love and desire work in mysterious ways – something no one knows as well as Kyle Jones.

For some, age is just a number – but for others, that saying applies in the extreme.

Jones, who is 31 years old, says that he is head over heels in love with Marjorie McCool, a woman 60 years his senior.

But what is it about this 91-year-old woman that so caught his eyes?

This unusual relationship was captured in a documentary called Extreme Love, which is by Barcroft TV.

Jones states that he experiences huge amounts of attraction towards older women – much, much older women.

Essentially, he has a fetish known in some circles as gerontophilia, or an attraction to the elderly.

Jones says he’s just “weird” for this kink in this way, and he says that his past relationships have included women in their 70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s.

According to Marjorie, who is Jones’ current girlfriend, she was extremely flattered when she was first flirted with by him.

They met in 2009, at her workplace, a bookshop.

At the time, she had mothered six children with her ex-husband, who she divorced 37 years prior.

For all those 37 years, she had been completely single, so she was very flattered and taken aback about being flirted with after such a long time.

Jones asked her out, and she decided to say yes, saying the experience was quite a thrill for her.

Sometimes, Jones feels more like a son to Marjorie personally, but she admits that things change once they get into bed and are intimate with each other.

Being with Jones in that way reportedly changed her ideas and perspectives of him completely.

The pair also states that their relationship is both very emotionally supportive and nurturing, and that they speak on the phone a lot, but they say they are also in a very sexual relationship.

Jones says that he is extremely attracted to the characteristics women often concern themselves with as they age.

To him, wrinkles are attractive, necklines are hot, sagging boobs that hang naturally are sexy, and he is always drawn to women with grey hair – or women with platinum hair, as he refers to them.

But the issue with dating people who are so much older than you is that you don’t get to spend as much time with them.

The last time Jones took a trip to Florida, a total of three of his ex-girlfriends passed on.

This is also the reason that many people, especially the families of these women, view Jones so suspiciously.

They worry that he is a vulture only after the inheritance of these women, but Jones truly is very attracted to them!

Still, the children of his girlfriends never like him very much.

Jones considers himself single and lives a polyamorous lifestyle, dating up to five women at once.

He brings them out on nice dates and even brings them to his family house to meet his mother.

According to Marjorie, she used to be jealous of Jones’ other flings, but she has since become used to it and says that Jones has always made her feel like she is the best of them.

An unusual love, perhaps, but a sweet one regardless!

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