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Catholic Nun Charged For Allegedly Helping Priests Rape Children With Hearing Disabilities

Priests, nuns, and any person who has taken a vow and pledged to live life as a religious person, you would think would be the most trustworthy people around -right?

They are not always trustworthy, they are after all, human.

It always saddens my heart to hear that a priest or a nun has been caught doing inappropriate sexual things with the people who trust them.

A Roman Catholic nun, Kumiko Kosaka, 42, from Japan has been accused of helping priests to molest children in Argentina.

nun and priest abuse children

Image Credit: Facebook

The children all had hearing disabilities and were sexually abused in bathrooms, gardens, basement, and dormitory rooms of their school, Antonion Provolo Institute for Children, located in Lujan de Cuyo.

nun and priest abuse children

Image Credit: Facebook

According to reports, the priests raped the children (anal and vaginal).

The disgusting activities got out when a former student was able to come forward and accuse Kosaka of forcing her to wear a diaper after being raped by a priest (the diaper was used to conceal a hemorrhage).

Kosaka maintains her innocence and is being held in a women’s prison in Argentina.

Once the story broke, 24 students stepped forward and have agreed to testify against Horacio Corbacho, Nicola Corradi, and three other priests at the school.

One of the victims told police that the priests would tell the children that they were going to ‘play’ and then they would be raped.

The priests could get up to fifty years in jail for their ‘games.’

The first reported accusations of abuse at the school were in 2009 – but nothing was ever done, until now.

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