Sometimes, a mother’s intuition turns out to be correct.

There are times when you might think that you’re just worrying over nothing.

However, one mother listened to what she was feeling and was able to stop a horrible event that would have taken place at her child’s school.

Koeberlie Bull lives in New Jersey and could feel the hairs standing up on her skin when she woke up one morning to get her children ready for school.

She knew that she had to do something.

Fortunately, the person on the other end of her phone call listened to her fears.

The young mother has two children who are interracial.

She checked her Facebook page and messages as she does almost every day.

A young man named Dylan Jarrel sent her a message that was frightening.

The details of the message were composed in a threatening manner toward her children as well as other children who attended the school.

As Bull read the message sent by the 20-year-old, she noticed that there were racial slurs being used as well as other insults.

She looked at the man’s picture and knew that something wasn’t right.

It looked as though he had a gun in his hand and that he was proudly displaying the weapon.

That’s when Bull made the decision to call the police.

Even though Bull didn’t have a lot of information aside from the message and a picture, she wanted the local police department to know that someone could possibly do something at the school that day.

There wasn’t a mention of any kind of attack that the man had planned, but Bull had a bad feeling. She shared the message with others online.

He had blocked her from his page, so she had to rely on her friends to find out more details about him.

A short time later, they had enough details to present to the police.

Officers located the man at his home the next day and wanted to talk to him about the hateful message.

When they approached the man, he had several weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. There was also a bullet-proof vest in his possession.

Officers also discover plans that he was going to commit a shooting at not one but at least two different schools.

Bull possibly saved hundreds of lives because she listened to what she was feeling and did something instead of staying quiet.