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Rescuers Didn’t Know ‘Kitten’ Rescued From A Raccoon Trap Isn’t Really A Kitten At All

Do you ever wish your pets could talk to you and tell you what they are thinking? They could tell us when they are sick instead of us trying to guess. A stray animal could tell us where they came from. Picture this. A junkyard in Texas. Full of dirty discarded things. In this junkyard is a raccoon trap. Inside the trap is a dirty and starving cat.

The Austin Animal Center started to take care of him and named him Klaus. No one is certain where Klaus came from. Did he have a family? Was he feral? Would he ever learn to love humans?

Well, the answer to that last question was answered quite quickly. In just a few days, Klaus was settling in and showing tiny sparks of affection for the shelter workers. At first, they estimated that Klaus is just about one-year-old. He was also anemic and underweight.