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How This Kitty ‘Helps’ His Mama At Home Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See! (VIDEO)

You have seen those pirate movies where the captain has a bird that sits on his shoulder – right? The bird is always there, and sometimes the captain gives it something to snack on. Sometimes, a person will have a small monkey that sits on their shoulder or is always around (like Aladdin did or Ross from the TV show Friends).

Well, in this video we have something similar – but very unusual. The kitty in this video likes to ride on his human’s back. The woman is doing some work around the house and has a kitty on her back! The cat even snuggles in for a quick head bump before the pair moves on.

Take a look at this video!

Can you imagine having your cat ride around on you? You have to think that those claws have got to hurt once and awhile! That woman must have a strong back (or a sore one!). Share away, people!