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Kitty Discovers Popcorn For The First Time, But No One Was Prepared For His Hilarious Reaction!

You can smell popcorn popping from a mile away. The buttery aroma makes your mouth water! Very few people can resist the urge to have a handful of the crispy kernels. Cats and dogs may not understand how fantastic popcorn smells. But the black and white cat in this video is about to find out!

You can tell that the cat’s mouth is probably watering by the way he licks his face. He moves in and gets closer. Then it is as if he is in a trance or something – he buries his head in the bowl and – rests it in there! For a good few seconds! Then he does a typical cat thing and knocks a few kernels out of the bowl but never eats one.

Take a look at this video

He does double dip though and put his head back in! I would love to know what he was thinking! Share away, people!